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Echeveria Succulent Pink 4”

Echeveria Succulent Pink 4”

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This is a beautiful pink succulent. A great choice for planting in a pot or mug to place in the window, this succulent will do well in bright light with regular waterings when the soil has completely dried out. Comes in a four inch greenhouse pot!


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We know how it feels to visit a giant big box garden store only to be disappointed by the quality or selection, so we do everything we can to source those extra-special, harder-to-find varieties in the finest condition to help you grow your plant fam.

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Shipping plants is always a challenge, so we triple wrap ours and give them lots of extra cushion to keep them safe on their journey. We also have a strict UPS only shipping policy and try to ship orders out on Mondays and Tuesdays to prevent your plant from spending weeks in the mail or sitting in a cold warehouse over a weekend.

This does make our shipping cost a little more (most four inch plants ship for somewhere around $10), and it means we make less money on our plants, but we think it's worth it to keep those plants feeling and looking good all the way from our home to yours.

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