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About Us

The Green River Shop was founded in 2020 by Marie and James, with a little help from their two rabbits, Houdini and Jupiter.

Marie handpicks every plant that comes into the shop and takes extra care to maintain them and ensure they make it to their new homes in the best condition possible. James carefully packs and ships our plants all across the country and makes sure that each one is wrapped and secure so that it arrives happy and safe!

Houdini and Jupiter mostly eat bananas and cause mischief.


Our love of houseplants and passion for all things that grow inspired us to start a business bringing the kinds of plants we love and want in our own home to others who want to add the same beauty and greenery to theirs. We pride ourselves on curating the most fun and vibrant collection of plants, pots, and accessories to help you keep your own little jungle happy.

Remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @thegreenrivershop and if there’s anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thanks so much for stopping by and being part of The Green River Shop fam!